Allante Mathieu et Boulanger Christian

Gizia, Jura

The most invisible stars of the southern Jura vineyards!

I met Matthieu and Christian a long time ago, at the Labet estate, where they still work.

How could I not love these two unconventional characters, full of humanity and with a permanent smile on their faces? Since their first Vins de Paille and their first "Amalgamé", I’ve loved their wines just as much as I’ve loved them.

Discreet in their approach, they were only making wine for themselves – without focusing on sales – and turned to exportation for convenience. I am now delighted to say that I have the privilege of having many of their vintage in my cellar...

Their “pure juice” wines are little delicacies of power mixed with freshness – taut and vertical. Their hard work on the soil, followed by (sometimes long) barrel ageing, perfectly reflects the richness of the southern Jura terroirs. In short, their wines are... incredible!

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