Domaine Pignier

Icon of the Jura vineyards, reference, exemplary, so many qualifiers that come to mind when I talk about Domaine Pignier located on the slopes of the small village of Montaigu (39570), the cradle of the family for almost 7 generations.

Marie-Florence, Antoine and Jean-Etienne taking over the estate in 1990 was a turning point, as they started wondering about the culture, the vinification, the style of the wines and the place of nature and human beings in all of this. These questions led to their first organic trials in 1998. In 2002, the entire vineyard was biodynamically cultivated and attributed the DEMETER certification in 2003.

The tastings we did at Cave des Chartreux, the historical cellar of the estate, gave me the chance and the privilege to taste iconic and historical wines. I vividly remember a 1893 Vin Jaune - the culmination of a wonderful vertical around the Savagnin and Vin Jaune. But the other ones, the younger ones, were almost perfect, not to say more than perfect, they were filled not only with the typicality of the Jura terroir but above all with the wonderful work of the new generation.



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