Bouvot Alice - Domaine de l'Octavin

Alice Bouvot, a genius winemaker!

I can’t really be objective, since we’ve known each other for so long – and considering I’ve always loved the wines from l’Otavin!

I met Alice when she created l’Octavin with Charles Dagand in 2005.

I fell in loves with these wines, that felt like a revival of Jura wines.

How good it felt at the time!
For the past few years Alice has been managing the estate and the trade on her own and has demonstrated the full extent of her talent :

Perfect work on the estate's vines followed by a high quality vinification.

In the wine trade, she demonstrates her expertise of wine as a whole, of grapes from all regions of France, of whites, reds and of vinification of all kinds – which results in wines that are out of the ordinary!


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