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Everyone knows the story of Jean-Baptiste Ménigoz, the winemaker who was once a schoolteacher - in another life – and who’s know a figure of the Jura vineyards.
Winner, about ten years ago, of a short-lived but no less serious contest of Ratapoils (so we call the people who are crazy enough to want to make wine but not just crazy enough to leave everything overnight… or are they?), Jean-Baptiste becomes a winemaker in 2012 - coached by Stéphane Tissot, a major winemaker of Jura - and creates his first vintage the very same year.
His wines are natural, pure, biodynamic, precise, easy, with no flaws except that of being good, pleasant and convivial, and with the purpose of being drunk by all - as Jean-Baptiste wishes.
To sum up, they are wines of clear pleasure, to name only the cuvée Léon 100% Chardonnay or the Pépée, 100% Pinot Noir.

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