Porteret Alexis - Domaine des Bodines

Arbois, Jura

At Les Jardins since the first vintage!

Before meeting Alexis, I met his father, who was passionate about wine and owned a few vineyards in the Val de Sorne. I tasted Alexis and Emilie’s wines as soon as they set up their estate in 2010... and it was already great! Since that day, their wines have been part of the selection at Les Jardins de St Vincent – every single batch and vintage.

I will always remember a special moment I shared with Alexis. We were on the parking lot of the No Logo Music Festival with a bunch of other people, passing around a bag-in-box refilled with Poulsard freshly poured from the vat… Memorable! For the anecdote, he and five other fellow winemakers collaborated on a one-shot shared vintage.

Since 2010 Alexis, an amateur rugby player, vinifies his wine in his own image...they may seem rough, powerful for Jura wines, but behind them we find a lot of elegance and depth. Great wines...all in finesse!

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